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Are There Secrets In Forex Money Management?

  • September 2014
  • Posted By Ninoslav

Secrets seem to be commonplace in the world of forex trading. Everywhere you look, there’s some kind of forex resource that talks about the ‘secrets’ behind certain forex strategies, market movements and even the brokers themselves.


Though, are those secrets as much of a secret as they seem? After all, it’s not hard for forex traders to find these resources on their own. In fact, there’s already plenty of resources for forex traders of all skills on the web. So, what makes certain forex secrets better than others?


The thing is some of those forex secrets are unknown. Or, rather, just overlooked. Take forex money management, as an example. A lot of people, even if they don’t realize it, often need assistance with forex money management.


It could be as simple as learning how to make effective trades to as difficult as adapting to a new forex trading strategy—since, well, forex money management is something that people need to take the time to practice. That’s where the secrets come in.


The secrets about forex money management


One of the most overlooked ‘secrets’ behind forex trading revolves around this fact: in order to make back 50 percent of their capital, they must subsequently make back a 100 percent profit. While the numbers might look simple to novice traders, there’s a catch.


To start, nothing’s guaranteed in the forex market. Gunning on one currency pair during one period isn’t going to guarantee that the same pair will perform well in the next. The market changes—and when the market changes, that ultimately influences how their trades may expire.


Any trader who’s serious about the craft should have a stop loss order ready, in order to protect themselves against large losses and make some profits off their trades. Trading without one is considered pretty much the most irresponsible thing a forex trader could do. It’s also something that a lot of forex money management resources stress. And, they’re completely right.


So, what is the ‘real’ secret to forex money management? That’s simple. The real secret behind the practice is… actually practicing good money management. That’s it.


The forex market is an active, yet volatile market, so forex traders can’t just rely on one technique when there’s something better that will gain them more profits in the end. They also can’t just trade recklessly, as they’re putting their capital at risk.


Like any hobby that involves managing money, it’s always going to be a risk, but you can mitigate those risks if you start smart and practice forex money management, too.



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